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Tania Case

Poised with grace, infused with passion, meet Pastor Tania Case the sincere woman of God who commits to changing the world one life at a time.

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Yes! Men are mentored too!

Join my husband Pastor Errington Case for Built in His Image Mentorship. Where men are taken through 12 weeks of intense preparation and launch into what God has called them to.


Who is Built-in His image for?

Any man desirous of understanding and unfolding God's blueprint for his life.


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21+ Years of Marriage to my best friend, with whom I habitually seek God's truth and will.  I am a student of him and a cradler of his dreams.


Parenting 3 World Changers

As each child comes into the world we seek to know their purpose so we can correctly steward them toward the purpose God has sent them.  We honestly enjoy them and are careful to shepherd their hearts.


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Did you know?

"I have always loved writing, whether creatively or for inspiration, however it is intimacy with God that endows me with something valuable to write or talk about."

- Tania Case

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Forming Faith: Owning My Christianity


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Wife Material 



What Makes Marriage Work?

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The Expectations Journal:

A Premarital Conversation Piece

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Built in His Image:
Eternal By Design



Psalm 34:4-6 (KJV)

4 I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.

5 They looked unto him, and were lightened: and their faces were not ashamed.

6 This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles.

Aunty Tania has a heart of gold. She truly embodies Christ's hands and feet on this earth. It's impossible for you to be in her presence and not be presented with the truth, not in a way that will intentionally hurt, but in a way that causes you to desire better. This woman of God has become a second mother to me and for that I'm grateful.

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Gabriel Chambers

Customer Service Intern

NCB Capital Markets

Kingston, Jamaica

Tania Case, whom I affectionately refer to as Aunty T is one of my most divine connections to date!  The way she exercises wisdom in all situations all while still maintaining a smile is simply mindblowing to me. Graceful, patient, and loving are just a few words that don't begin to encapsulate this remarkable woman of God.

If I had to list one of my greatest lessons learnt from Aunty T it would be that one time she told me that 'no one person is just one thing! Look for their positive attributes and appreciate them for that.'  

Thank you Mrs. Case for answering the call of God on your life. You are loved and appreciated always.

beautiful black business woman

Krystal-Gail Marsh 
Real Estate Entrepreneur
BSc Civil Engineering
California, USA

Pencils and Notebooks

There is so much I could say about my spiritual mentor Tania Case. She basically revolutionised my thoughts on spiritual growth. I knew for years that my spiritual growth was lagging and I tried occasionally and got spurs of growth but I just couldn't maintain it. She taught me how to press beyond my feelings and get intimate with God and the importance of carving out time to do so.


She corrected me in such a loving way that made me want to change. She reinforced my identity and authority in God and taught me the spiritual principles of the Kingdom of God. She taught me to love beyond self and be a light for all those around simply by living it out daily. She gave me wisdom and guided me in my decision making. Decisions I am thankful I made today.


I am most thankful for our encounter about a year ago because I was at a turning point in life and could have made poor decisions but she re-routed me to my first love and I honestly felt like life began again. She helped me to unpack my past and renew my mind according to God's WORD and taught me how to teach others to do so. She's a genuine woman of God, a great mother to her children and an excellent wife. Just seeing her model Kingdom marriage tells me it's possible with God as core despite what I have seen in this broken world. She mentored me to mentor others, words would not be enough to sum up what she means to me and the value that I place on her. One thing I know for certain is that she is a gift to the Kingdom of God and I thank God everyday that I had the rare opportunity to meet her and aid in her Ministry .

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Russanette Howell

Marketing Officer

Consolidated Bakeries
Kingston, Jamaica

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Tania Case 

"A woman of excellence, poise and enthusiasm. She exudes passion in all her pursuits and is driven by her God given purpose. She pours into others and awakens a genuine desire for not just living, but living in Christ wholeheartedly. To the core Mrs. Case is a stickler for realness and maintains that in all her interactions." 

dimpled smile

Shauna-Kaye Moore 
HR Officer
Accounting Department
St. Andrew, Jamaica

Aunty Tania, Aunty T, Mrs. Case there are not enough words to describe this woman of God, but let me tell you the little that words can. Aunty Tania is a gentle soul who strikes you with the rod of correction without raising her voice. She is tenacious,  ambitious, noble, illustrious and abiding. To know her is to love her.

Aunty is the definition of praying without ceasing and praying for whom ever whether she knows you or not. She is a mother to many, a mother in love and a Godly wife who seeks to illustrate that which Christ wants in a Godly marriage. Some say she thinks she's perfect, others may even say she's not perfect, but she is a woman on the path of being like Christ however she can.

Judene Bethune

Administrator and 
HR Personnel

Accounting Company

Black smile
Pencils and Notebooks

Aunty Tania! 

Words cannot begin to express how grateful I am for her guidance. I am absolutely grateful for her guidance to healing, wholeness, and purpose! "I love you but..." (Looool) A line we've heard so many times. Her love is genuine and so with it comes teaching and correction but all in goodwill, to push each and everyone you come in contact with, to measure up to their God-given best. It's not only words, but her actions also speak! She models Kingdom Woman, Kingdom Marriage, and Kingdom Life for all! A true Cotton Proverbs 31 Woman. Her years of experience speak for itself!

She keeps me on my toes regarding intimacy and connecting with God. The lessons she has taught me are numerous! Some I've gotten the chance to apply already, but some, I know will definitely be useful as life takes its course. I think the real test of mentorship is after mentorship! Aunty T, I appreciate the sacrifice! The prayers, the time spent to engage, mentor, motivate, encourage, advise, (and the list goes on) don't go unnoticed. It's a privilege to be under your tutelage! And it's good to know, once your daughter, always your daughter! She is so amazing! Since encountering her, I've been realigned to a path of Purpose and measuring up to the optimum God has set forth for me. She was there when my life turned upside down and I was head diving right down into depression. I still remember that Sunday when you declared the peace of God over my life. I do not take for granted the timing of meeting her and her mentorship!   I could go on for paragraphs about how much she has impacted my life in the past 10 months, and how much I know she will for years to come, but one thing I must say is Thank you, Aunty Tania! 
From your Silk Doctor Queen Shem

bright black smile

Dr. Shemara Rhoden

Senior House Officer

May Pen Hospital

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