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Hello Wife!

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Congratulations Mrs.! Marriage is an honorable thing and should be celebrated. However, now that you are married, what now? Whether you have been married for decades or you just tied the knot yesterday, welcome to YOUNG WIFE LIFE!

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A 'Good Thing' that keeps getting better

An 8-week Bible-based course intended to build and repair wives as contributors to strong, buoyant, and flourishing Kingdom marriages. 

What to Expect?

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You will understand the unpopular truths of a powerful wife from the One who made marriage.

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You will obtain the building blocks that make for strong and lasting marriages.

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You will comprehend why your unity is worth fighting for.

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You will learn how to break through communication barriers in your marriage

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You will identify and arrest the true enemies of your marriage.

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You will deal with the baggage that causes you to sabotage your union.

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You will grow a new depth of respect and love for your husband.

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You will walk away with hope and a fresh passion for your collective purpose.

Enrollment Bonus 🎉:

A complimentary one-on-one session with Pastor Tania Case

P.S. Ask about our payment plans!
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