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Wife Material Mentorship

"Fashioning Beauty from the Inside Out"

  • Twelve (12) weeks of intense spiritual development

  • A deep cleansing treatment for the soul​

  • Learning how to unpack the past and develop into a godly woman and ultimately a wife

  • Long-lasting relationship, friendship, and accountability

  • Gaining a fresh and renewed mindset toward life and marriage

  • Attaining wholeness through intimacy with God

  • Reprogramed to be productive and purpose-accomplishing

  • Garnering practical tools to make marriage amazing​​​

Welcome to the experience of a lifetime!​

US $150

Register below to be added to the upcoming Wife Mentorship Cohort.

What is Wife Material Mentorship?

What is Wife Material Mentorship?

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Why Wife Mentorship?

Most women look forward to marriage even though our society is increasingly deviating from this standard.  For those who are being turned off from marriage, they are either losing hope in finding a suitable mate or disappointed in the way they have seen marriage modelled.  However, both of these factors could have been helped by proper preparation for marriage, which is not done in our society.  We are prepared for our carriers and our various goals and tasks, but never marriage.  Is it any wonder that the marriage failure rate has increased so much in recent times?  So how does one prepare for marriage?  You begin to change what you have power to change, you!

 “What you pursue will elude you but what you become you will attract.” Bishop Courtney McClean

Enough is said! Let’s begin the journey to wholeness by the grace of the GOD who passionately loves you and watches over your life.

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